If you have a URL for the webpage where the content appears you can use the information in the URL to search by BIN Index first to find the webpage and the title of the Content will appear in the Title field when you open the webpage and click on the Content tab. In some cases the BIN Index search will lead you to a search or other tool where the content is not directly associated with that page. In that case you may need to search by the text on the page, etc.

Below are the steps to search for the actual Content:
  1. Go to Content > Content Management System
  2. Hover over your CMS page and click Manage
  3. Click the Locate/Search tab
  4. Select Content in the first dropdown
  5. Select the search criteria (name, body, etc)
  6. Type in the Search term and click Go
This will allow you locate and open the Content by clicking on it.