Blackbaud cannot advise to how the law applies to your organization, please work with your legal counsel. More information about CASL and electronic messages can be found on Canada's Anti-Spam Legislation website, along with the regulations and exemptions from the law as an organization or business.

1. Create a constituent attribute with the following information:
  • Description: Email Consent
  • Data Type: Table
  • Table: Add a new table called Email Consent
  • Mark the following:
    • Limit one per record (to prevent multiple, conflicting permissions on records)
    • Required (so every record in your Raiser's Edge will have it recorded)
    • Active
2. Add table values to the Email Consent table under Config > Tables. Sample values can be:
  • Opt-In (permission received to email them)
  • Opt-Out (notification received to NOT email them)
  • Unknown (if no permission received)
  • Not Applicable (use for system records, organizations, etc.)
  • No Response (use if permission has been sought and no response received)
3. When building a constituent query for an email list, use the following criteria to email to records with Opt-in permission:
  • Attributes>Specific Attributes>Email Consent>Email Consent Description equals Opt-In

Alternative Solution:

Use Online Express to Meet CASL requirements