When uploading an image in NetCommunity, ensure that no special characters are added into the image URL. It may appear to upload successfully but when attempting to preview the image it does not display or will display a broken image icon. 

There are a few reasons this can happen:

Special Character in image URL

Example of URL with a special character: https://www.mydomain.com/myjpg+.jpg (note the + symbol in the image URL)
Example of URL without a special character: https://www.mydomain.com/myjpg.jpg (note no special characters in the URL)

To resolve, perform the following steps: 
  1. Log into NetCommunity and click Site Explorer -> Image Library
  2. Locate the image that is not displaying -> click the Pencil icon to edit the image
  3. In the pop up window that appears, remove any special characters from the blue URL bar
  4. Click the save button to commit the changes
Image is too large
There is not a specific recommended size, but the guidelines are:
  • Ensure the image loads in under 1 second
  • Ensure you can see the entire image without needing to scroll
If the image is too large, you will need to decrease the size of the image using photo editing software on your desktop, for example Paint, then upload it into NetCommunity as a new image.

Not logged into fully qualified domain
Ensure you're logged into the fully qualified domain of NetCommunity, for example, yourdomain/login.aspx. Do not log in to the CNAME URL, for example, XXXX.bbnc.bbcust.com/login.aspx.