NOTE: Some of these plug-ins are only available under the Supervisor user, which is the user named Supervisor and not any user with supervisor right. If the desired plug-in is missing in your RE account, switch to the  Supervisor to see if it's listed there.

Raiser's Edge Plug-Ins installed when hosted by Blackbaud

Add AU States - add Australian states to States table **This plug-in is available only to Australian clients**

Add Renewal Schedule Information -  adds renewal schedule information to linked memberships of a recurring gift

Alternate Address Deleter -  globally deletes all instances of an address type for alternate addresses

Apply Phones Formats - apply phone format defined in Config/Tables/Phone Types to phone numbers in database

Clear Invalid Spouse IDs - clears out invalid data in the Spouse ID field

Constituent Code Sequence Utility - re-sequences constituent codes on constituent records

Copy User Settings - copies settings made in Tools/User Options from one username to another

Database Connection Viewer - provides list of active connections to database

Deactivate RE QuickBooks - turns off the interface between The Raiser's Edge and QuickBooks

Delete Countries - allows the user to delete every instance of a particular country table entry, whether or not it is in use in the database

Delete Defunked School Types -  deletes education records that have a school type equal to "defunked"

Delete Duplicate Address Salutation Types - deletes Duplicate Addressee / Salutation types on a constituent record

Delete Invalid Appeals - deletes invalid appeals from database

Delete Phones -  globally deletes phone numbers by phone type or deletes phone types for which there is no corresponding phone number

Delete Table Entry - deletes non-system table entries

Duplicate Phone Types - duplicate of De-Duplicate Phones

Duplicate Preferred Address Utility -  find records in the database with more than one address flagged as Preferred, and allow you to select which address should be marked as preferred

Duplicate Primary Business Utility - searches for duplicate primary business information

Duplicate Spouse Delete Utility -  searches for duplicate spouse relationship records

Education Sequence Utility - resequences the education table due to duplicate sequences

Fix OPX NetDonors pages - corrects errors when accessing the NetDonors page setup wizard

Format Zip Codes - formats all US 9 digit zip codes in the database

Fund Graph - uses the RE Object API to scan database and total gift amounts by split fund

Fundraising Effectiveness Project Plug-in - gathers information necessary for the survey conducted by the Fundraising  Effectiveness Project (FEP), which is sponsored by the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP)

Import Recurring Gifts - makes it easy to import basic recurring gifts and payment schedules

Mark Phones Primary - allows users to select a constituent query and specify phone type to mark the phone types on the records included as "Primary", "Inactive", "Not primary" or " Not inactive". (** RE version 7.94 and higher only)

Membership Dates Utility -  rebuilds membership sequences

Membership Sequence utility -  rebuilds membership sequences

Nonconstituent Merge Utility -  allows us to search for and merge duplicate Nonconstituent relationship records

Previous Gift Split Information - allows a user to view previous split information on gift adjustments with selected campaigns, fund, or appeals

Raiser’s Edge 6 Post-Conversion Utility - allows field-level mapping of existing fields to new fields

Reciprocate All Relationships - reciprocates all unreciprocated relationships in the database

Regenerate Import IDs - regenerates import IDs in the database for the selected tables

Remove Blank Address Lines - removes blank address lines from address block

Remove Dashboards -  removes all dashboard panels for selected users

Repair Volunteer Data - adds the Volunteer Status code table

Report Unlinked Spouse Addresses - looks for constituent to constituent spousal relationships where the following four addresses are not ALL linked: Constituent's Preferred Address, Spouse's Preferred Address, Address of relationship, Address of reciprocal.

Resequence Constituent Codes - fixes constituent code sequence on constituent records

Reset Next Transaction Due Date - processes the recurring gifts based on a query and resets the next transaction due date based on the last transaction

Reset Recurring Gift Date - updates all recurring gifts with a Starting on date for the transaction schedule that is less than the gift date. The gift date for these gifts will be updated to equal the Starting on date.

Sample Action Plug-in - demonstrates that a plugin can simply perform an action

Skip to Next EFT Transaction - skips to the next available transaction for all recurring gifts included in the specified query

Unlock Actions - resolves error when saving an action record

UnPost Gifts - changes posted gifts to Not Posted

Update GL account numbers - updates account numbers from The Financial Edge in The Raiser's Edge

Update Pending Transactions -  updates the Pending flag on EFT Transactions that are not associated with a batch

Update Receipt Number - allows the user to manually reset the Next Available Receipt Number value

User Margin Utility - to adjust margins for functions in Mail such as labels, envelops, appeal cards, and pledge reminders