1. In the appeal mailing content editor, place your cursor at the location where you want the anchor to be, such as a heading.
  2. Click the anchor button and, on the Insert/edit anchor screen, enter a name for the location.  In the HTML source code, the editor adds <a name=”anchor name”></a> before the location. In the Standard view, the editor displays an anchor icon at the location.
  3. Click the HTML button.
  4. Insert this statement into the HTML code at the location where you want your link to be: <a href="#anchor">Link Text</a>.
  5. Replace the word anchor with the name for the location.  
  6. Replace the words Link Text with what you want your link to be called (i.e. Click here to return to the top of the newsletter).
  7. Save the HTML code.
  8. Save the email appeal.