The following information provides tips to properly configure a URL alias.
  • The “Choose Folder” button is for selecting the folder where the Incoming URL lives.  For instance -
  • The Keyword field is for the string you want to use as a file name for your Incoming URL.  This file name is more than likely the file name of the existing URL.  For instance -, where “not_hear_but_hear.html” is the URL extension that visitors are used to going to.  
              Note: Expiring the existing page is not enough to redirect the page to your Destination URL.  This is because the original page still exists in the targeted folder, but is just expired, which results in an HTTP 404 error (Page Not Found) when it is addressed. 
  •  You should rename the file name of the existing page if you want to leave it in the same directory.  You may elect to move the file to another folder as well.  As long as there is not a file in the targeted folder with the same name as the Keyword, the URL alias will work.
  • The URL field is where you place your Destination URL.