The real number that you can trust is 447 because that is the real number of responses. The statistics shown in email performance reports can be misleading because it will only show you what was done in the email message. Some constituents might copy the URL of the Action Alert and share it with their friends in instant messengers or social media. Those submissions wouldn't be recorded in the email message statistics.

If the number of responses do not match the number of members in the group, then it's probably because of an option in your Action Alert. Edit the Action Alert and go to step 2. Advanced Options and look at item 8. Multiple Responses. When this option is enabled, constituents can submit the Action Alert multiple times.

Here then is what we are able to conclude from these statistics:
  • 447 responses were sent in total.
  • 38 of those responses were sent by constituents who followed a link directly to the Action Alert outside of the email message.
  • Out of 406 constituents who responded, only 41 are not unique.