Step 1: Set up the form
  1.     Click Form Layout. The Form Layout - Step 1 of 1page appears.
  2.     Configure the form's layout. 
  3.     In the Event Website Creation Checklist page, click Form Customization. The Customize Forms page appears.
  4.     Click Select for the Web site form you want to customize, and then customize the form.
  5.     Update and preview the form.
  6.     Activate the event page to make the form available on the Internet for your site visitors.
Step 2: Enable the form in an E-mail or eNewsletter campaign
  1.     Select Communications > eMail (or eNewsletter).
  2.     Highlight the campaign’s name and select Properties.
  3.     Select the Modify my profile check box. This will enable the Modify my profile footer link in the campaign’s mailings.
  4.     Note: After you send a mailing through the campaign, recipients will have the option to click the Modify my profile link to access the Modify your Profile Form.