Error: This export definition cannot be saved because the current user does not have rights to one or more of the source query views - when saving an export definition

You may receive this error when you attempt to save an export definition. When users create new smart fields, they are not able to see the new smart fields in a query or export. The System Role Administrator at your organization can grant permissions to these smart fields using the steps below.
Follow these steps to grant permissions to view newly added smart fields for everyone with the Smart Fields Role. 
  1. Go to Administration > System Roles
  2. Click Smart Fields 
  3. On the Smart Fields Tab, click Assign Smart Fields 
  4. In the following window, double click on the smart field type in the left column. 
  5. In the right column, check the box beside the smart field to grant permissions. 
  6. Click Save 

Also verify that the user trying to save the export definition has one of the following roles that has permission to save export definitions for appeal mailings: 
  • Annual Fund Manager
  • Director of Development
  • Marketing Manager

If saving an export definition that does not contain any smart fields, and the user has at least one of the roles above please chat with support and provide the steps used to create the export definition. 


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