That language is just placeholder text that is displaying because a description is not specified in the content type for your CMS pages. It's okay to have a blank description, but you still need to specify a description item in all of your content types.
  1. While you are looking at your CMS page on the back end, go to Content Types
  2. Select the Content Type that is in bold (which is the content type of your page)
  3. Select Properties
  4. Under the Fields section, you need to have a field called "description"
If you don't have a description field, then you can add it by clicking Source by the Fields section of the Content Type and add the following code:

<td><strong>Description</strong> </td>
<td><textarea cols="60" name="description" rows="4" title="Description" validation="type:text;baseProperty:true"></textarea> </td>

Once you have the Field added in the Content Type, you can add a description to your pages by clicking Export Items at the top-right corner of the properties page. Add the descriptions in the CSV file and Import Items.