1. From Financials, click Total Revenue and Payments under Report
  2. Select your filters: 
    • Choose your Date range
    • Select a User if necessary
    • Choose a Report type of Summary 
    • Check the appropriate boxes under Source. 
    • Check the box to Include taxes, if you would also like taxes in your report. 
  3. Click View Report
  4. Click the Export icon and select .CSV
  5. Once in Excel, delete Columns A, B, and C
  6. Delete Rows 1-3 (these rows will show the filters selected in the report and/or will be blank)
  7. Delete Columns B  (AdmissionPrograms_SubTotalQuantity) and C (AdmissionPrograms_SubTotalAmount)
  8. Rename any row headers if desired. Here is what we suggest:
    • Column A rename to "Revenue Type"
    • Column F rename to "Payment Method"
    • Column G rename to"Revenue Amount"
  9. Once you have formatted this file, highlight the whole spreadsheet and click the Insert Tab. Click Pivot table. 
  10. The Create Pivot Table screen will display. Our worksheet should be selected under range and under Choose where you want the Pivot table Report to be placed, select New Worksheet. Click OK.
  11. Drag Revenue Type to Row Labels box to display each type of revenue. 
  12. Drag Revenue Amount to the Value box to display a total for each type of revenue. If this displays as Count of Values, click Value Field Settings to Sum Values instead of Count.
  13. Lastly, drag Payment Method to the Report Filter box. We can change these filters to display only Cash, only Credit Card, etc. for each payment method.