Other course shows on the grades tab of a student record but is missing in Grades -> Enter grades by student

When viewing a student record, other courses may show on the grades that do not display in Grades -> Enter grades by student. This occurs when the other course's school uses different sessions.

1. In Configuration -> Academic Years, open the appropriate Academic Year for the missing course's school
2. Open the Session
3. Re-name the Session to match the session name for the school that shows in the students progression entry
4. Click Ok
5. Save and close the Academic Year
6. In Grades -> Enter grades by student, select the School, Academic year, and Session (matching the students progression entry)
7. Select the student
8. Modify the "Other" course as needed
9. Save and Close
10. Repeat steps 1-5 to re-name the session back to the original name

Note: The course record must have grading information for the appropriate Academic Year


 7.86.83, patch 4

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