Group sales refund created by one user shows under two users on the Total Revenue Report

If a group sales reservation is created and is paid by one Altru user, but refunded by another user, the refund shows on the Total Revenue Report for both users, although only one user completed the refund.  For example, if user Admin created the reservation and added the payment, but user Test refunded the sale, then on the Total Revenue Report when filtered on user Admin, the refund shows.
This issue has been resolved. If you experience this error, please Chat with Support to provide the exact steps that were taken.

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Log into Altru as one username, such as Admin 5740spp
  2. Go to Sales > Group Sales.
  3. Add a group sales reservation with quick itinerary of Admission, save.
  4. Add a payment for any amount.
  5. Click on Welcome Admin5740spp, then click on Run as another user and type in Poweruser5740spp.
  6. while logged in as PowerUser5740spp, go to that group sale reservation.
  7. Click Add Refund.
  8. Enter a refund amount and complete the refund.
  9. Go to Revenue > Total Revenue and Payments Report.
  10. Filter on specific user Admin5740spp and select only the source of Group Sales.  Click on Detail for Report Type.
  11. Click View Report.
  12. See that the refund shows under Admin5740spp, although Poweruser5740spp entered the refund.


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