PO Box Autofill Adds a second PO Box entry to original instead of replacing text

When putting in a PO Box into the second row of an address block, CRM will autofill with a second "PO Box", instead of replacing the text which is what is supposed to occur when you have Global Data Entry Settings\Standardization table setup.
Steps to duplicate:

1. Go to a constituent record
2. Click on Contact tab
3. Click on Add on the Address section to open the Add an Address window
4. Select and address type, the type does not matter
5. Click in the Address field, in the first line enter text, for example, Test Business Contact
6. Press the Enter Key to go to the 2nd line
7. Type in po box then hit the TAB key in order to go down to the City field
8. Issue occurs, the system default PO Box is added to the text that the user typed in instead of having the user's text replaced with the post office defaults as set up in Global Data Entry Settings\Standardization table


Workaround: User deletes the text that they typed in, and leaves PO Box in the field


 CRM 3.0.516 SP8 patch 46

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