Since the person who submitted the online registration is the only person who actually pays registration fees for a given online registration, you will now see all registration fees on the Registration Fees tab only for this registrant. Registration fees will no longer appear on the Registration Fees tab for guests.
New Registration Fees for Guests

To help you to easily know how each attendee is participating with the event, we are now automatically populating the Participation field on each participant's record with the type of ticket they are using to attend the event.
Participation Field

Since the Participation field is a drop-down list populated by a code table, we are also updating this code table automatically to include each ticket type that you sell in your events. An added benefit of populating event records in this way is that it is now very easy to apply a Participation filter on the Participants tab of the Event record to see who is attending the event in what capacity:
Participation Filters

Setting you may have to change:
This change to event participant management also means that it's possible for multiple participant records to get created for the same person. This would occur if one person is using two separate tickets (e.g. Golfer and Presenter) to the same event:
One Person Two Tickets

But the default Raiser's Edge configuration doesn't allow you to add the same constituent to a given event more than once. You should consider changing this setting (Config > Business Rules > Event Options) to enable "Allow multiple constituent registration".

Business Rules
If you are currently accepting online registrations for an event:
Your event registrations processed prior to Wednesday, November 19th will not automatically have the Participation field set and registration fees will appear on guest records. For all participants whose registrations are processed after this date, the Participation field will be set and no guest records will have associated registration fees.
Your options for handling your in-progress events during this change:
A) Do nothing different
You could continue to link and process event registrations as you normally have. Not all of your participants will have the Participation field set. The Financial Summary available in the event record will be inaccurate if you have accepted guest registrations prior to Nov 19th (but it would have been inaccurate prior to this update anyway). Your next and all future events will account for event revenue correctly.
To find attendees for a given ticket price type processed after Nov. 18th, you can either filter the participant list on the Participant tab of the event record or you can run a participant query on Participation type.
B) Manually set the participation for existing registrations
If you'd like to use the Participation tab on the event record to manage all attendees for the entire event, you could manually edit the participant record for all registrations processed prior to Nov. 19th and manually set their Participation drop-down to match the attendee's ticket type.