What Raiser's Edge attributes are added to Participant Records downloaded from Luminate TeamRaiser event?

As of January 27th, 2015, Participants and Registration Fees from Luminate Online’s Team Raiser will download into The Raiser’s Edge through the Luminate Online (RELO) plugin. TeamRaiser registration questions will appear on the Raiser's Edge participant record’s attributes tab, which allows you to query and report on your participants in various ways.
Below is a list of possible attributes that will download and what data they contain. Users will note the Luminate Question data types configured in Luminate may convert to a different data type when added to the Raiser's Edge attribute table:
Luminate DataRaiser's Edge participant attributeDescription/note
TeamRaiser URLTR participant pageConverts to a text data type in Raiser's Edge attributes
TeamRaiser team nameTR team nameTable data type
TeamRaiser team captainTR team captainYes/No data type
TeamRaiser participant typeTR participation typeTable data type
Discount amountTR discount amountContains the discounted amount subtracted from total registration fees if Team Raiser page allows donors to enter discount codes
UpsellTR upsellContains information on which upsell(s) were purchased by the participant if an upsell was purchased

Event questions
Luminate data typeRaiser's Edge attribute data type
Short Text Value (40 characters)Text
Date ValueText
Numeric ValueText
Rating ScaleText
Unlimited Text ValueText
Text ValueText
Interest CategoriesText
Multiple Choice Combo BoxText
Multiple Choice Multiple ResponseText
Multiple Choice Single Response (Drop Down)Text
Multiple Choice Single Response (Radio)Text



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