Raiser’s Edge 7.94 changes how constituent contact information exists in Raiser’s Edge by updating records to have a unique contact grid on the Bio 1 tab and removing the concept of phone sharing to reflect current constituent behavior. Education Edge 7.87 patch 3 updates Education Edge for integrated clients to accommodate these changes. For more information, please check out our Update Guide and quick tips!

How to Update:
  1. Prior to updating either Education Edge or Raiser’s Edge, run synchronization between the two systems to ensure the most current information is in place. You may choose to disable automatic synchronization until you are able to review your RE records.
  2. Update Education Edge to 7.87, patch 3.
  3. Update Raiser’s Edge to 7.94.
  4. In Raiser's Edge, review data and remove duplicate contact types. If you have constituents with multiple numbers, email addresses, or links for a single contact type, synchronization will still complete and everything but that duplicate contact information will synchronize to Education Edge. If a single contact type has multiple numbers, email addresses, or links associated with it, an error will appear in the integration activity report. Note: In The Education Edge 7.87, patch 6 and higher, Integration will ignore contacts marked inactive in RE. Contacts marked inactive in RE will no longer synchronize with EE and will only be stored in RE.
  5. In The Education Edge, open the Integration linking grid.
  6. Run synchronization and review the Integration Activity Report. If your Integration Activity Report includes the error: Phone/email [phone number/email address] for [record] not added to EE. Reason is: A contact type can only be used once on each address. Please select a different contact type for [phone number/email address], please review article 71842.
Note: Integration will not run if Raiser’s Edge 7.94 is installed and Education Edge is not updated to 7.87 patch 3 and vice versa.