Batch Template Drop-down is blank in Generate Payment Process

 When creating a Generate Payment Process in Altru one may see that the drop down for a batch template is blank. 

The drop-down is blank because the template is missing required fields. Please follow the steps below to add the required fields:
  1. Go to Revenue > Batch Entry > Batch Templates
  2. Find the Enhanced Revenue Batch template for Credit Card Payments
  3. Click on Select Fields and Defaults
  4. Ensure the following fields are selected: 
    • Date
    • Payment method
    • Post status
    • Amount
    • Type
    • Given Anonymously
    • Receipt amount
    • Constituent
    • Card holder name
    • Credit card number
    • Credit card type
    • Expiration date
    • Authorization code
    • Rejection message
    • Constituent account
    • Reference number
    • Reference date
    • Direct debit details:
      • Account
      • Direct debit is rejected
      • Reference date
      • Reference number
      • Result code
  5. Once all of the required fields are added Click Save.
  6. Go to Revenue > EFT > Generate Payments and add your process. Now see the drop down is not blank. 



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