A Donor Acknowledgement Letter can be used to acknowledge the donor for a Matching Gift:
  1. Create a new Donor Acknowledgement Letter, or open an existing Donor Acknowledgement Letter.
  2. On the General tab, under Credit Matching Gifts to, select Donor.
  3. Select all other desired parameters.
    • Note: MG Pay-Cash must be listed under Select the Gift Types to include on the Gift Types tab of the Mailing.
  4. Click Print or Preview to run the letters.

This thank you process could affect your customary acknowledgement letter process due to the settings above if MG pay-cash gifts are included. Consider a separate Donor Acknowledgement Letter set-up if needed. Test thoroughly to ensure that other letters generate as normal.  

Donor Acknowledgement Letters generate based up on the Acknowledge status on gift records. If your customary process marks gifts as Acknowledged from another set-up, you may wish to start clicking No when prompted to mark letters as Acknowledged. Generate all letters and then use a Global Change to mark gifts as Acknowledged.