1. Ensure the workstation and network meet all system requirements.
  2. Run a speed test to ensure the local network is not experiencing performance issues as well:

Contact Support and reference this article.  
In the case answer the questions below:
  • What is the Research List Name?
  • How many records are in the Research List?
  • Does this occur for a Research List containing under 100 records?
  • Type of connection:  hard wire, wireless, or aircard?
  • Laptop or desktop?
  • Operating System of Workstation?
  • Date of slowness?
  • Time of slowness?
  • Estimated time to refresh pages.
  • Are there timeouts when performing a search to Find External Properties and Businesses (found under the Prospects button)?
  • What Broswer is being utilized
  • What is the Operating System on all affected computers, including Service Packs if relevant?