The following steps only need to be completed one time, to take effect for all users. 

  1. How to install Blackbaud Web Services and generate the database key for ResearchPoint Integration
  2. In ResearchPoint click Home
  3. Click The Raiser's Edge integration 
  4. Click Configure Integration
  5. Paste the RE Database key generated from installing Web Services in step 1
  6. Click Test Connection to ensure the key was entered correctly
  7. Click Save
Configure Fields to Integrate:
  1. Click Configure Fields
  2. Sync to Raiser's Edge tab
    • Select the ResearchPoint data to add to the Raiser's Edge
  3. Sync from the Raiser's Edge tab
    • Select the Raiser's Edge data to add to ResearchPoint 
  4. View the Raiser's Edge data tab
    • Select the Raiser's Edge data to view in ResearchPoint
  5. Click Save
For more information about the fields that integrate between the programs, please review: What fields integrate between ResearchPoint and The Raiser's Edge

The following steps will need to be completed by each user in ResearchPoint:

Set up the Raiser's Edge user account to integrate with:
  1. Click Edit Credentials
  2. Enter Raiser's Edge username and Raiser's Edge password (it must have RE7 Authentication enabled)
  3. Click Test Credentials to ensure that the username was accepted 
  4. Click Save