This may be a result of the <appsettings> in the web.config not having the correct key/value pairs set up.  

If your organization hosts on your own Raiser's Edge:

Verify that the web.config is correct:
  1. Log into the Raiser's Edge Web Server 
  2. Navigate to Computer /Program Files/Blackbaud/Raiser's Edge Web Service/web.config
  3. Verify that the <appsettings> are as follows:

      <add key="RE7ServiceUsers" value="Shelbyportal\admin" />
      <add key="local_request_only" value="false" />
      <add key="CustomDllPath" value="" />
      <add key="GEDomain" value="GE" />
      <add key="FEDomain" value="FE" />
      <add key="REDomain" value="RE" />

Connectivity can also be viewed/tested from within the Raiser's Edge Web Server.

If Blackbaud hosts your Raiser's Edge, Click Chat with Support and reference this article. Please be prepared to share the following information with Support:
  • URL of NetCommunity site
  • Username/Password to access NetCommunity and Raiser's Edge, if RE is also hosted
  • Steps to duplicate error