Create the attribute in The Education Edge

Attributes that are created in The Education Edge will take time to come in to NetCommunity, depending upon schedules set up in NetCommunity Sites and Settings. Please allow time for the attribute to show up in NetCommunity.

We can refresh the code tables in NetCommunity to try and force the attribute to show up in NetCommunity.
  1. Refresh the code tables
  2. Edit the Online Reenrollment form in NetCommunity.
  3. Click the Add fields button
  4. Choose where the attribute should be mapped to, for Example, Student for the map fields to option.
  5. Choose Attribute for the field set option
  6. Choose the appropriate attribute from the drop down menu for Attribute type
  7. Name the attribute appropriately and save the field.
  8. Now, on the left hand pane, expand the record type for which you added the attribute, for example Student
  9. Expand the attribute you created
  10. (Required) Drag the Description field to the form
    • Note: If Description is not added, the attribute will not be added to the record in Education Edge
  11. (Optional) Hover over the attribute on the form and click the Pencil icon to edit it, customizing the name or other desired info
  12. Click Save
  13. (Optional) Drag the Comments field to the form
  14. When finished, click Save
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