Event Registration Batch works for Special Events in Altru. It will not work with Scheduled Program Events that require registration. 
  1. Go to the revenue section of Altru
  2. Click on Batch Entry
  3. On the uncommitted Batches Tab click Add
  4. Select the Template Event Registrant Batch Basic
  5. You will need to fill out the required fields which include Event, Registrant, Registrant option, quantity, type, Status and attended.
  6. You enter the information for each record on a separate row of the spreadsheet, or batch, on the data entry screen.
  7. Once you have completed your data entry click on the Save and Close icon under the main tab of the batch.
  8. Your batch will now have a batch number and double green arrows next to the number. Click on those arrows.
  9. Click Commit to commit the data into your Altru database. 

For more information on Batch Entry in Altru please be sure to visit our user guides or watch our video (BB728417)