1. Create a constituent export
  2. In the Available Fields to Export, expand Address > All Addresses
  3. Select the desired field to export, such as Address line 1
  4. A window will appear so you can apply criteria 
  5. Enter a number (at least 2 or higher) in the field For each constituent, enter the number of Addresses to export
  6. Mark the option for Selected Addresses and move your desired Address type(s)
    Note: Leave the default All Addresses if you do not need to filter on address type
  7. In the Order by drop-down, select the date you want to order the addresses by
    Note: Depending on what data you have on each address, this field could be the Date To, Date From, Date Added, or Date Last Changed for example.
  8. Mark the option for Descending order if you want the address with the latest date to appear first in the export
  9. Select the remaining address fields you want to include with this such as Address Line 2, City, State, Zip
  10. Add any other fields you desire to the export and click Export Now

    This will export multiple addresses, but you can delete the columns that are not needed after you open the export file.  If you enter 1 in step 5, the Order By option will not apply to the export and may not net the desired results.