To see the available Address Types:
1. Go to Config>Tables
2. Highlight 'Address Types' from the left
3. The Address Types appear to the right.

To print a Report of these:
4. Right-click on the list of Address Types and select Preview>Code Tables Report.
5. Click the Preview button to generate the Report


This will only show the available options.
To report on how many there are of each, you could create a Constituent Export and select Address>All Addresses>Type, choosing 1 to export and using only a specific type
Add this field multiple times to the export, selecting a different type each time so that each type only appears in one column.
Once exported, you can use a COUNTIF function in Excel or sort the columns to make counting easier



1. Create a Constituent Dynamic Query
Criteria: Address>All Addresses>Address Type equals [Type]
Output: leave this blank
2. Check Results to see the number of Constituents
3. Save this
4. Make other queries for every Address type
5. Sort the Query homepage to list the Queries by Created (Date) so all of these appear together.
6. A column in the Query page display is the number of Records.
This way you can see the number of records per Address type all at a glance