Rejection CodeDescriptionHow to Resolve
  • Refused
  • Blocked Card
  • Not enough balance
  • Insufficient funds
  • Restricted Card
This is the most common rejection code.  The bank that issued the credit card has said no to the transaction.  This can be for a number of reasons:
1.     The Card has reached its transaction limit
2.     Not enough funds on the Card
3.     Card not authorized for ‘Card Not Present’ transactions
Have the donor reach out to his or her credit card company.
  • The state or province is missing or invalid
  • The street address is missing or invalid
  • The city is missing or invalid
This code indicates that the donor does not have a complete address on his or her record.  All credit card transactions must have a complete address in order to process.Verify that the donor has a complete address and the correct country selected on his or her record.
  • High risk of fraud determined for this transaction.
These codes indicate that the transaction has a high risk of being a fraudulent transaction. As such, it’s been rejected. This can also be caused when the donor has filed a chargeback previously, as such the card has automatically be declined for future transactions.Ask the donor for another card.
  • The authorization request was declined because it did not pass the Address Verification Service (AVS).
This code indicates that the address submitted by the donor does not match what the issuing bank has on record.  This could be caused by one of two reasons:
  1. The donor entered the information incorrectly
  2. The AVS settings are too high. See How to change AVS or CSC level in BBMS for more information on AVS Settings
Have the donor verify how his or her address information appears on their account.
See How to change AVS or CSC level in BBMS
  • Invalid CVC
  • The length of the CVC code is not correct for the given card number.
  • Invalid card verification number.
This code indicates that the 3-digit security code on the back of the card does not match.Have the donor re-enter their security code.
  • The CardToken specified no longer exists.
  • CARDTOKEN  Parameter name: The CardToken specified is invalid.
This code indicates that the token that keeps a Credit Card authorized has probably expired. After 6 months, Blackbaud Payment Services purges Credit Card information for security.Re-enter the Credit Card information, this will re-verify the token.
  • Expired Card
The transaction cannot process due to the expiry date on the card.Have the donor confirm the expiry date and contact the bank if their card has expired.
  • Invalid Card Number
  • Invalid Credit Card Number
  • The specified card number is not valid
This code indicates that the credit card number is invalid.  This code has a number of different causes.
1.     The card number and card type may have been entered incorrectly.
2.     The Card may no longer be valid.
3.     The Card may no longer be stored in BBPS.  This can occur if a credit card has been expired more than 6 months.
Verify the card number, expiration date, and card type with the donor and re-enter the credit card.
  • The amount exceeds the maximum per transaction amount limit.
There is a transaction limit per transaction.
Default Limits:
  • United States of America Dollars (USD) -$50,000 or less
  • Canadian Dollar (CAD) - $25,000 or less
  • British Pound Sterling (GBP) - $25,000 or less
  • European Union Euro (EUR) - $25,000 or less
Note: The limits above are USD.  To find the limit for GBP transactions you would look at the current exchange rate for USD to GBP for the limit.
Ask the donor to split the donation.
  • The specified payment details are not available for the specified action.
  • Card type is not supported by gateway.
BBMS doesn’t support Visa Electron/Pre-paid cards. Depending on how the donation was entered, it could be possible to process it in the BBMS web portal by trying ‘Card Not Present’ or ‘Card Present’ in the terminal. This is not to say that it will work all the time, it's dependent on the digit code on the back of the card.Contact the number on the back of the card.
  • Blacklisted Card Number
This means too many attempts have been made with this Credit Card and it's on our blacklist.Contact Support
  • Unsupported Operation
This usually relates to the product (ie eTapestry) and can be down to a few things:
  • BBPS details are incorrect
  • Currency does not match between BBMS & eTapestry
Contact Support