1. Download the latest Epson Advanced printer driver.
  2. Once this downloads, click on the APD_455dE file.  Click Extract All, then click Extract.
  3. Double Click on APD_455dE again in the new extracted location.
  4. Click Run.
  5. Once the Advanced Printer Driver InstallShield Wizard comes up, click Next.
  6. Mark the radio button "I agree the terms of the license agreement" and click Next.
  7. Click Yes to the question "Ok for Setup to upgrade the EPSON Advanced Printer Driver"
  8. In the Printer Configuration, click Add to add a new printer.
  9. Select the Epson model from the driver dropdown.
  10. Enter in a printer name.  Note: This printer name needs to be unique from all other printers used in Altru.
  11. Select the port type of Parallel, Serial, Ethernet, or USB.  Note: Serial is a circular connection.  Parallel is a long rectangular connection.
  12. Click Next.
  13. Click Next again.
  14. Click Finish to complete the driver installation.
  15. The Epson printer is now installed.  Print a test page from Start > Devices and Printers.  Right click on the Epson printer and select Printer Properties.  Then, click Print Test Page.
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