You need to add your new user to first, so they have a Blackbaud ID that they can use to sign into Altru once you invite them.  This will also provide them access to support resources and training. See our Knowledgebase: How to add a user to for instructions.

Then, add the new user to Altru:
  1. Click Administration > Click Application Users > Click Add
User-added image
  1. Enter a Name, Email, and choose a constituent record (as needed)
  2. Mark the checkboxes for all system roles the user needs.  If you are unsure what system roles to assign, refer to our Knowledgebase What system roles should I assign to Altru users?
  3. Click Save & Invite. An email is sent to invite the user to confirm their single sign-on account for Altru.
  4. The invited user must confirm the email address and sign in with their Blackbaud ID account. If the user does not have a Blackbaud ID, they can create one from the sign-in screen.
User-added image
  1. Use the Status column on the Application Users page to monitor the status of invitations. You can also resend an invitation, if necessary.
User-added image

Note: To provide users with access to resources on, site administrators will need to add users to their Blackbaud site account.