Our SSL resources determine the designated contact for an SSL Certificate based on the Organization Admin Role on www.blackbaud.com. 
The role that is need for DigiCert SSL Certificates is the Blackbaud Organization Admin role. DigiCert can speak with anyone at your organization who is able to speak on behalf of your organization about your domain but the Blackbaud.com Organization Admin will be the first person they try to reach to. To add this role see I need to become an Organization administrator

Note: this changes applies to future renewals and not renewals that are currently in progress. If you need to change the designated contact for a renewal that is already in progress, either reply directly to the email sent from our SSL Cert Renewals team, or email them at SSLCertificate@Blackbaud.com. In your email, include the URL associated with the SSL certificate, and the DigiCert order number. You may also chat directly with DigiCert, to discuss possible contact changes.