Some transactions may be left out of reports depending on the Security Category of the transaction. The Security Category of the transaction can be found by following the steps below:
  1. Go to Constituent360 > Select Constituents
  2. Find your Constituent in the search function and click the View icon
  3. Select the Transactions tab
  4. Find the specific transaction and look in the Security Category column for the transaction
Now that we have the Security Category of the transaction, we can add a Group Override to give the administrator the appropriate permissions. For demonstration purposes, lets say our admin is a member of the Reporting Administrator group. Follow the steps below to grant the administrators in this group visibility of transactions in the Security Category:
  1. Go to Setup > Select Security Categories
  2. Find the Security Category in the list and click on the Name
  3. Select the Category Permissions tab
  4. Click on the dropdown menu next to "What type of permissions do you want to edit?" and select Donation Form Management
  5. Click Choose
  6. Click "Add an override" and select the Group Type (in this example, Reporting Administrator is a Sub-Administrator Group)
  7. Select the Group Name in the dropdown menu
  8. If you want the administrator to only be able to report on the transactions, then select "View Campaign Reports in this category"
  9. Click Save