In Online Express, users can create a new event form under the Event section. 

1. Get Started tab:
  • Name your event form - Enter the name of the event form for your reference (this is an internal field)
  • Blackbaud Merchant Account - Account to be associated with this event form
  • Select an event to appear on this form - Click Search to link the event from Raiser's Edge to the Online Express event form. Enter the Display Name to appear on the form (this is visible to registrants).
  • Select the price types to include - These are connected to the Prices tab of the Event record in RE
  • Select the fund to use for event registration fees - This is the fund connected to the donations/registrations for the event
  • Select the payment methods to include - Choose how you'd like registrants to pay for the event
  • Generate receipts for this form (optional) - This will send a PDF in an email to the donor
Additional details, please see the video below: 

2. Field Options tab:
  • Do you want to allow guests to register anonymously? - This allows the person registering to make additional registrants anonymous. 
  • Select while registrant fields to include - These are the fields that would be available and/or required for each registrant 
  • Select which participant attributes are available - Additional information can be tracked using the participant attribute section. These can be added as needed.  If having trouble adding the participant attribute, see Attribute does not appear as an option on an Event Registration form.

3. Extras tab: 
  • Do you want to allow additional donations? - Marking this option would allow extra donations to be made on the form outside the prices selected for registration
  • Do you want to allow organizations to register - This will allow you to link an organization record to the registrant if the donor selects the option when completing the registration online.
  • Do you want to limit this event's online capacity? - This capacity does not affect the capacity of the event record in RE.
  • Do you want to include additional billing fields? - The Phone field can be made available and/or required here for the billing section.
  • Select which gift attributes are available - Gift Attributes can be added to track additional details on each donation for the event
  • Do you want to apply a constituent code to registrants? - This would apply a new constituent code to reach registrant
  • How do you want to display free events? - Options concerning free units or a free event
  • Do you want to create a mobile version of your form? - We recommend marking this option, as it is unlikely to have any negative effects on the web page.
  • Do you want to allow everydayhero integration? - This allows registrants to sign up as a fundraisers in everydayhero.

4. Fine tuning tab:
  • This tab allows you to edit the text and style of your form.  Note, the form inherits styles from your web page, so you can also edit the styles in your website's CSS, as needed.
5. Thank yous tab:
  • Receive email notifications for new donations - This is specific to each donation and event form. Enter the emails of those you wish to be notified in your organization.
  • Edit the email message to send - The Thank You email for the event registration.
  • Edit the confirmation screen to display - The screen that appears on the webpage once the donor has registered.