The first thing to check is to ensure that you have permissions to send outbound messages from LCRM. To find this info, you'll need to know what Profile you are under in LCRM. You'll then navigate to:
  1. Setup, Administrator Setup, Manage Users, Profiles
  2. Locate the Profile you are using
  3. Click Edit next to the Profile name
  4. Search for "Send Outbound Messages" under the Administrative Permissions section
  5. Ensure the box is checked
  6. Click Save
If the box was checked, and LCRM changes are not being sent to Luminate Online, please log into Luminate Online and search for the contact using the Constituent ID and/or Member ID in Queue Problem Management to determine if there are errors holding up the data.

If you are still having trouble getting data to sync to Luminate Online, please contact Support.