1. In Online Express, select Email marketing from the top
  2. Click Create new email
  3. The Online Express Email window appears:
    • Choose either a New layout on the left or From an existing message on the right
    • If creating a new layout, hover the mouse over each template for a description on what is included (columns and layouts can be changed and removed after initially choosing a starting template)
    • Below the New layout options, Featured best practice messages are also available
  4. Once one template is selected, click Save & Continue
Design Email section:
  1. Content tab – Allows you to add images, texts, divider lines, and donation buttons. If your organization has the Event module, you can also include Event donation button.
  1. Style tab – select the overall style for fonts/colors/size and orientation as needed
  2. Layout tab – You may add or delete columns as desired. If the content needs to be adjusted again, go back to the Content tab to change overall format again if needed
  3. Click Save and Continue to move to the Get Ready to Send tab
Get Ready to Send section:
  1. Who is this email from?
    • Enter the email that donors will see for the From address.  If donors reply to the email, the responses redirect to the email address listed here
  2.  What is the subject line?
    • Enter the subject line of the email – we recommend testing different subject lines – as this can also be included on the Appeals tab when using the Add this data to RE function to show on the constituent’s record in Raiser’s Edge
  3. Test message
    • You may enter as many test emails to send within this field
    • When you send a test message, placeholders will appear for any merge fields - no data populates from records for the merge fields until the real email is sent
    • Click Send test – the test email date and time will appear
  4. Who will receive this email?
NOTE: It is not an available feature to upload a list of email addresses into Online Express.  Online Express can only send emails to Constituent records and Relationships to Constituent records as defined in the Email List.  
  • The approximate number of emails appear after selecting the email list
  1. Click Send message to send email
  2. The email appears under Recently sent messages of the Email marketing section in Online Express – the email statistics will update as donors interact with the sent message

OR check out these videos on the steps: