The Luminate Online plug in will use the Routing/Transit number from the information entered by a donor to match the bank to an existing bank in Config > Financial Institutions, or create a new entry. The plug in will automatically create a Bank Relationship for the constituent with the routing number and the account type (savings or checking; for US databases only).
To process a direct debit gift in the Luminate Online Plug in:
  1. Link the gift to an existing constituent and fund
  2. The plug in will attempt to link the routing number/transit number to an existing bank in Config > Financial Institutions
  3. If a bank does not exist with the same routing/transit number, click Create New Bank to add the information to Config > Financial Institutions.
    • Note: Luminate Online does not store the Bank Name field, which is required in The Raiser’s Edge. Users can look up the bank name using the routing number and enter it in manually
  4. A bank relationship will be created on the constituent’s Relationships tab automatically.
    • Note: Account numbers will not transfer to bank relationship records, as all processing (even for recurring gifts) is done in Luminate Online. The account number is not needed for processing in The Raiser’s Edge
  5. Select the appropriate batch options and process the donation into a batch to be committed.
  6. The gifts records created from batch will have a pay method of Direct Debit and the transaction will have the EFT checkbox marked
  • Each ACH/Direct Debit transaction that is recorded will create a Bank Relationship for the constituent. If the same bank is used again in the future, no relationship will be created.
  • If a constituent has a checking and savings account for the same bank, and processes a gift transaction for both, the Bank Relationship would appear twice; once for the checking account and once for the savings account.
  • In Canadian databases, the Account Type field (for savings/checking) does not appear. However, the bank relationship may appear twice if both account types are used by the constituent in Luminate Online.