This occurs because the original supporter's Sphere account was logged into Sphere on the device used by the new supporter to register. This causes the original supporter's contact information to be overwritten with the new participant's information. The original participant's supporter ID has the new participant's information and transaction appended to this record. 

If this is a registration form in a CMS Site, make sure the form's autofill options are set to create a new record.

If this is in a Thon, advise participants to make sure they are not logged on when completing a new registration.

To clean this up, create contact records with appropriate information for the participants and chat with Support. Please provide the following information:
  • Link to the Registration Page
  • Explanation of Registration Process
  • Original Participant Name
  • Original Participant Supporter ID
  • New Participant Name
  • New Participant Supporter ID
  • Payment ID(s) of registration transactions to be moved from the old record to the new record