This message appears when the system detects that there is an issue in one of the processing servers that won't allow it to process successfully at that moment. The resulting message is displayed and delays that processing temporarily to make sure the processing can be completed successfully once that server is available again.

In most cases the transaction will process successfully after a short delay and you will be able to see it successfully processed in your system. You likely won't see this message very often as our internal teams monitor the servers to proactively correct any issues that may cause a temporary delay.

If you do not see the transaction showing as completed successfully within 24 to 48 hours, chat with Support and reference this article. 

Please provide the following details when you contact Support:  

  1. Supporter First and Last Name:
  2. Supporter ID: 
  3. Payment Date: 
  4. Payment Amount: 
  5. Event/Initiative Name: 
  6. Event/Initiative URL: