Unfortunately, we don't have the built-in functionality to add a discount code to a TeamRaiser registration. You can work around this by first doing a partial refund for the amount of the discount. Then you'll need to delete the original registration record and re-register the record offline using the discount code. After that, you can soft credit the donation back to the TeamRaiser participant and then you'll need to contact support so we can turn the donation in to a Registration Fee.
  1. Locate the desired TeamRaiser event; click Manage.
  2. Search and open the participant's registration record.
  3. Click Refund under Registration Information and enter the amount of the discount.
  4. We will eventually need to re-register the participant, so click Edit Registration Information and copy all relevant information (or take a screenshot if you know how).
  5. Now make this record Inactive and click Delete Registration Records
  6. You will receive a message asking what you want to do with the registration fee. Choose 'Convert the registration payment to a gift that is soft-credited to the event'
  7. Now on the Participant Search page, click Register a Participant.
  8. Use the information that you copied earlier to populate the necessary fields and be sure to select the discount code.
  9. Make the registration fee $0; select 'None' for Payment Method.
  10. Now that the new registration record is using the discount code, soft credit the donation back to the participant.
At this point, contact Support to convert the donation in to a registration fee. At this point, all reporting data should be accurate and it will include the discount code for their TeamRaiser registration.