Error: Unable to connect to server after attaching database using SQL Authentication

Error occurs after attaching the database using SQL Authentication
Blackbaud Management Console never prompts user to enter SQL Credentials
Reason for this error:

While creating a new Login in SQL Server management Studio(SSMS) there is one option “User must change Password at next Login” in general section. > If this option is checked when the user was created in SSMS and if that user has never logged-in even once to SSMS, then this CR is reproducible. The error “Failed to connect to server” prompts in BMC while attaching a DB using SQL Authentication for that particular user. > When above option is unchecked while creating a new user then this error is not reproducible.

To solve this issue:

For existing users- Login to SQL Server once and change your password to use BMC seamlessly. While creating new users- Uncheck the aforementioned option.

Attaching the database using Windows Authentication



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