Enter the membership in Daily or Advance Sales and add both payments to the order.
Note: This will create a sales drawer for you and will need to be closed out once the transaction is complete. Find the steps to close the drawer here (If you are not familiar with this process, consult with the financial manager at your organization.)
  1. Go to Sales. Choose Daily or Advance Sales.
  2. Select one of the patrons. 
  3. Add the membership.
  4. Enter the first payment. This will leave a remaining balance and you can now enter the 2nd payment. 
  5. To attribute credit to the 2nd person, you can edit the recognition credits on the payment.
  6. To do this go to the Order details and click Go to revenue.
  7. Click on the recognition tab and edit the recognition credits here and add the 2nd constituent to the payment so they are recognized for their portion.  Note: this will display as a recognition credit.

Enter the membership in the back office and add the first payment. Then, click Renew now on the membership, back date the expiration date and enter the second payment. This will allow you to enter each payment and attribute it to the appropriate person but the second payment will show as a renewal.
  1. Go directly to the constituent record
  2. Click Add membership.
  3. Add the first payment
  4. Now the membership will allow you to Upgrade or Renew. Click this option.
  5. Backdate the expiration date and enter the 2nd payment.