In order to do this, you would want to use the following syntax:


The FR_ID is equal the the ID of the child event or blueprint.  If used in a blueprint, insert the blueprint ID and the child events will populate automatically.

Here are the other parameters in addition to "coordinator_name"

event_title = Event name
event_date = Event Date
event_schedule = Event Time (for example)
event_location_state = the state the event takes place
event_location_city = the city the event takes place
event_location = event location
map_link = extra field - links do not work in field without special coding
coordinator_name = Coordinator Name
coordinator_phone = Phone Number
coordinator_email =  Email address
sponsor_1 = extra field
sponsor_2 = extra field
sponsor_3 = extra field
sponsor_4 = extra field
sponsor_5 = extra field