Receipts can be resent individually, but not necessarily in mass. We do have a link that constituents can visit to request the receipt be resent. This can be done by using the following S-tag in an email: [[S49:LINK]]. First you'll want to identify which constituents need to have their receipts resent and put them in to a group so you can target them in a quick email. When the constituent clicks on the link, it will bring them to the receiptRequest servlet where they can input their first/last name and email address. They will also need to specify a date range of when they made the transaction and they will receive 1 email containing the attachments of all receipts for transactions made in that timeframe. The servlet will find the record in Luminate based on their email address. If there are multiple records using the same email address, then it will also use the first and last name to find a match.