This is possible. However, all request to increase the limits must be approved by RDO and this approval process can take about a week or so. If you would like to pursue this, contact support that includes all of the following information:
  1. How will this campaign be promoted?
    • For example, will an email be sent out? Is there going to be an ad during the Super Bowl? Etc.
  2. What is the expected usage of this campaign? Specifically, how many eCards do you expect your constituents to be sending, and to how many addresses for each eCard?
  3. Are there any access restrictions in place prior in order to send the card, such as must a user be logged in prior to accessing the eCard area?
  4. How long will the campaign run? Specifically, when can we set these limitations back to normal?
  5. Have their been previous campaigns like this with your organization and if so when and with which Tell-A-Friends or eCards?