If the account is linked to BBNC, refer to How to edit or reset usernames and passwords for FAWeb and Netclassroom when they are grayed out on the record 

If the FAWEB account is not linked to BBNC and/or is also used as a NetClassroom login for a teacher that's also a parent, refer to How do I change a user's password 

If the NetClassroom account is not linked to BBNC, refer to How to add or edit a NetClassroom User ID and Password for one record


  1.  Log into the Education Edge as the supervisor
  2. Go to Administration
  3. Click Set Up System Security
  4. Open the affected user group
  5. Highlight Registrar's Office under System Components
  6. Highlight Records Under the Registrar's Office
  7. Highlight Individuals in the window that appears
  8. Next to Individual (bolded) at the top, ensure that View, Add, and Edit are marked
  9. At the bottom of this window, ensure that View/Edit Online Password is marked off
  10. Click OK and then Save and Close