Auction functionality was introduced in Blackbaud CRM version 2.7 and included integration with AuctionMaestro Pro, a third-party auction management software solution. Since the 2.7 release in 2010, AuctionMaestro Pro and Blackbaud CRM have both enhanced their respective product offerings. With Blackbaud CRM version 4.0, the integration with AuctionMaestro Pro is no longer compatible. The auction functionality in Blackbaud CRM is still available; however, the specific configuration settings for integration with AuctionMaestro Pro and the AuctionMaestro Pro Import Batch templates are no longer available.
Blackbaud looks forward to continuing to evaluate the auction needs of our clients so we can provide the best possible solutions with Blackbaud CRM.

Questions regarding the AuctionMaestro Pro Integration or Maestro Software can be directed to Maestro Support or your Blackbaud account representative.