For those who have LCRM integration enabled, there is an SDP called EVENT_COMMON_GROUND_MIRRORING_ENABLED. This SDP controls Event Mirroring for LO and LCRM. If the SDP is set to TRUE, a button titled "Mirror a Luminate CRM Event" appears on the Event List tab. This functionality allows you to properly manage event data in LCRM and have data sync back and forth correctly without the current issues we see when a client manually sets up cross-references (Attendees Included, Ticket Type name changes, etc.).

Turning this SDP to TRUE will only affect events moving forward. The steps to configure an event are straightforward once this functionality is turned on:
  1. Create the event in LCRM (event, campaign, and event levels (tickets))
  2. Log into LO
  3. Navigate to Content, Events
  4. Click the "Mirror a Luminate CRM Event" button
  5. Select the LCRM event you created
  6. Click Finish
  7. You can now continue editing the LO portion of the event (registration info, questions, etc.)
  8. Save and Publish

This is the proper way to configure an event for LO/LCRM integration. This button automatically creates the cross-references for the tickets and the event itself. All management of this event can now be handled in LCRM; new tickets (event levels) can be created in LCRM that will show up in LO, ticket inventory can be managed in LCRM, and changes to the event name, ticket names, etc. will reflect in LO.

If the event that was created in LCRM does not show up in the list after clicking "Mirror a Luminate CRM Event", please navigate to Data Management, Luminate Configuration, click the "Cross References" button, and then click the "Refresh CRM Records" button. Navigate back to the "Mirror a Luminate CRM Event" button and see if it now appears. If it does not, please contact support.


Mirroring Events Between Luminate CRM and Luminate Online
Synchronizing and Mirroring Events Data

Important Considerations:
  • You can only mirror Gala CRM events.
  • You can only mirror one event at a time.
  • The direction of mirroring is always CRM to Online. You cannot mirror an existing Online event into the CRM system.
  • You must set a Primary Campaign for the event in Luminate CRM.
  • You can only mirror Attendee event levels. Sponsor levels will not mirror.
  • Changes and edits in the Luminate CRM Event will mirror for Luminate Online administrators in real time.
  • Changes and edits in the Luminate CRM Event will mirror for Luminate Online users after one hour.
  • A Blackbaud Administrator can configure a given Event cross-reference type to be required. This can enforce a link between all Online and CRM events supported by Luminate integration.
  • If your instances of Luminate CRM and Luminate Online are set to different time zones, the event time and date will be adjusted going from Luminate CRM to Luminate Online.