This error can occur when performing an education match to the applicant when there is no value present on the application. If there is no value for Education listed in the form data for the applicant, but a match is selected, it will generate this error as a result. This is due to The Education Edge attempting to match a value that does not exist or is not present to a value that does exist. To resolve, perform the following steps: 
  1. Log into The Education Edge

  • Click on the NetCommunity tab and access the form that is prompting the error

  • Click on View Relationship Matches option from the application grid

  • Locate the field that is mapped or matching to Education

    • Note: This value may appear differently in your Relationship Matches option. The correct value will have (Education) in parantheses next to the name

  • Click on the row that contains the education match -> click Remove Matches

  • Click OK and attempt to process the form