Data Protection Act and Blackbaud Mobile

Does the Data Protection Act impact on Blackbaud Mobile?

The data collected when a text message is received via Blackbaud Mobile is held on a secure server.

As neither InstaGiv nor Blackbaud process this data, use it for any further purposes, nor is it sold on, the Data Protection regulations do not apply.

The data is held on remote servers located in London and the data belongs solely to the charities that have collected it, and therefore it is down to the individual charities themselves to ensure that all Data Protection regulations are applied and followed.
So although Blackbaud Mobile software allows access to that data, what it is used for is very much down to the discretion of the charities involved, and as such, your responsibility to do so in a responsible manner.


When data / transactions are downloaded from Blackbaud Mobile for processing / import into Raiser’s Edge for example, then your in-house Data Protection regulations should be applied, as they would with any data in your local environment.

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