Frequently Asked Questions

1.  What is Raiser's Edge NXT? RE NXT is a new cloud based product that leverages the existing Raiser's Edge database, allowing for a new user experience, with a new user interface and single sign on capability.

2.  Is Raiser's Edge NXT going to be web based?  Yes, Raiser's Edge NXT provides unlimited user licenses with 24/7 access anywhere, anytime including mobile and tablet devices.

3.  What about my integrations that I currently have with the Raiser's Edge? Most of the products that you integrate with today will still function as normal with no changes to the integration.

4.  Will we have to go through another conversion?  No, Raiser's Edge NXT leverages your current Raiser's Edge database and data conversion is not necessary. However, if you are not hosted you will need to be moved to Blackbaud Hosting.

5.  When will Raiser's Edge NXT be released?  Raiser's Edge NXT is now available for purchase

6.  Can anyone purchase Raiser's Edge NXT? Yes, but becoming Hosted is a requirement.  On premise clients are unable to use Raiser's Edge NXT until they become hosted by Blackbaud.

7.  Is Raiser's Edge NXT an upgrade to my maintenance package? Raiser's Edge NXT is a new product and does not fall in the current maintenance package.  Chat Support is included with purchase, but there is an additional change for phone support.

8.  How much does it cost?  The pricing is a record based subscription package.  We offer three packages; Starter, Essentials and Pro.  For more detail contact your sales representative.

9.  Am I being forced to move to Raiser's Edge NXT?  No, you do not need to move to Raiser's Edge NXT nor change your current maintenance package. Raiser's Edge support will still exist.

10. Will Raiser's Edge NXT have unlimited user licenses? Yes, Raiser's Edge NXT will have no limit to the number of user licenses in either of the interfaces.

To find out more information about Raiser's Edge NXT, please visit our Landing Page and schedule a free demo.