On Step 2 - Map Your Import File  of the process you have the option to select Keys.  Keys tell the import tool which fields to use when looking for duplicates within your database.

If you only use Account Name as a Key, you can cause accounts in your import file to match with an incorrect account in your database. The import duplicate check doesn't consider single letters when searching for matches in eTapestry. For example...

Let's say you have two different accounts in eTapestry:
  • Account Name = T J Smith
  • Account Name = Alex Smith
Your import file contains this account:
  • Account Name = T J Smith
When you perform the import and use the Account Name as the only Key, the Possible Duplicates Report may try to match the T J Smith account with the Alex Smith account in eTapestry because it skips over the "T J" part of the Account Name.

The resolution for this is to use more than just the Account Name as the Key.  We suggest using Account Name, Address, and Email as Keys when performing an import that might contain both new and existing accounts.